Owner, Kristin C. Piccolo

Honeybee Concepts is named after my grandmother, Harriet Bull. We called her Honey.

Honey loved teddy bears (especially Winnie the Pooh), she never had an unkind word to say, and she unfailingly fanned the flames of her children and grandchildren's passions. Honey's spirit and philosophy have influenced me throughout my career and I carry her with me every day. 

I have been designing web and print materials for nearly 10 years in the nonprofit and political sectors. While my job title never specifically included graphic design, if you know anything about those industries, you know you wear many hats! One of those hats for me always included some sort of creative outlet--I couldn't help it. And hence, my love for design and how to use it strategically was born.

My past work and the many incredible people I've had the honor of working with enables me to understand the needs of my clients whether it be a nonprofit, political campaign, a school, corporation, or small business just getting started. And you can trust at Honeybee Concepts, each client is treated just as Grandma Honey would have treated you (or one of her teddy bears). So pull up a chair... you're part of the family now!